Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comparison of Psychoanalytic Therapy & Adlerian Therapy

While reading about the three therapies we have learned in class I decided to compare the concepts of personality in Psychoanalytic Therapy and Adlerian Therapy.

In Psychoanalytic Therapy there are three structures that make up or personality, they are the Id, the ego and the superego.

ID- Is described as the first system of personality. In this system we lack organization, and are demanding. The Id does not like tension and tries to get rid of it as fast as possible. It acts on the principle of pleasure it focuses on avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. It Id is illogical, and never seems to mature it is unconscious or out of a person awareness. At the time we are born we are all id.

            Ego-Connection with external world of reality it controls and adjusts a person’s personality.  It referees between what our instincts wish to do and what our surroundings say we should do.  The ego is in tune with consciousness and can control it. The ego is lead by the reality principle; it is realistic and logical when it comes to satisfying needs. The ego works to control the impulses of the id.

           Superego- This is a person’s moral or values code. It looks at if an action is right or wrong. The ego aims for perfection and not pleasure like the Id. The superego tries to prevent the Id from executing its impulses as well as tries to convince the ego to change its realistic goals into moral ones. When the superego is successful it has a feeling of pride were as if they are unsuccessful they can have a feeling of guilt.

In Adlerian Therapy suggest that a persons personality comes together when there is a development of a life goal. The book expresses that a persons thoughts, feelings, beliefs convictions, attitudes, character and our actions helps us develop this life goal. The book expresses that we start to develop our personality the first 6 years of our lives however time and events can have an effect on how our personality develops.

               Striving for Significance and Superiority- The therapy expresses that at a very young age we feel inferior because we basically need help with everything. Because of this we seem to obtain this goal to succeed which therefore helps us overcome obstacles. It is the unique way that we decide to strive, that forms individuality or forms our lifestyle.
             Lifestyle- is expressed by a person’s principal beliefs and norms that help assist them through life and how they give meaning to certain events that occur. Lifestyle expresses how we see others, the world, and ourselves. It also includes the way we think, act, and feel as well as how we strive for long-term goal, which are all parts of our personality. 

It was interesting to see how each therapy expressed how personality is formed. As well as how Alfred's childhood helped him develop some of his theory of personality. In my opinion I feel that personality has to do with what Psychoanalytic Therapy expresses as well as with what Adlerian Therapy expresses.  

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  1. Nancy, very nice comparison of the therapies and their view of personality formation. Both Psychoanalytic and Adlerian view childhood as important in the formation; However, you see that Adlerian believes that the future (the goal we set) is more important that the past (Psychoanalytic). This was one of the major places where he broke with Freud.